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How to improve the service life of heat resistant conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-10-27 14:07:45
1, in the category of industrial and mining enterprises, heat resistant conveyor belt is common goods, is also very crucial part, but in detail application, there are many forms of tear tape, we choose the white cloth belt and generally not choose steel cord belt or man-made fiber tape, guide chute design scheme to help block raw material basis, etc., most of the conveyor system software should also be settled Monitoring system, when the conveyor belt is torn, it is immediately checked, and the operation of the conveyor can reduce the tear of the conveyor belt. Heat resistant conveyor belt is a kind of consumable, is a part of the continuous conveyor, around the length of the conveyor, not only the use of large amount, and high price, transport glue by the left and right cover glue, with core. Heat resistant conveyor belt vertical tear, sensational impact form standard parts loose and fall off, lead to coal drop pipe plate, guide plate of hubei drop, such as raw materials into the dirt, dirty things hard, water chestnut, coal drop pipe blocking crushed to death, buffer roller damage, lead to scratch buffer roller, conveyor belt more serious direction were sound card rack hook after running wide.
2, the key reason for the cracking of the conveyor belt is that the bending frequency of the conveyor belt is more than the limit of the indoor space specifications; Connector vulcanized rubber for various reasons has been carried out 2 times over the vulcanized rubber. The space between the guide groove jaw plate and the tape is not suitable, resulting in abnormal wear, or the disposal of dirt in the space, resulting in abnormal wear or scratching. The water flow of the raw material in the guide groove is inconsistent with the speed of the conveyor belt, which is rugged and accelerates the wear of the adhesive surface. The buffer roller is damaged, resulting in abnormal wear or scratch of the tape. The tape runs off, will also lead to abnormal wear of the tape. Our factory during the inspection, the heat resistant conveyor belt examination, a tear formation is the characteristic change of the probe is the use of high temperature resistant adhesive tape tearing out raw materials, after open overload protector instruction conveyor shut down, despite the inspection equipment can avoid torn, but still not able to maintain the wear resistant conveyor belt from the source, we should pay attention to these aspects when it is applied in detail.
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