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How to ensure the safety of the conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-08-15 11:08:16
Bucket elevator conveyor belt continuous upgrading, brings people unlimited business opportunities at the same time to people in the choice of misleading, dazzling products let us at a loss. The high temperature resistant conveyor belt is divided into ordinary tropical resistant conveyor belt and strong heat resistant conveyor belt. The ordinary tropical resistant conveyor belt is polyester cotton canvas (CC56), and the strong tropical resistant conveyor belt is EP(specifically divided into EP100, EP150, EP200, EP250, EP300, EP350, etc. EP400, EP450, EP500, etc.). How do you make the right choice? To choose a good product, first of all, the product should be divided according to its use, such as high temperature resistant conveyor belt used in metallurgy (content: metal or metal compounds extracted from ores), large Angle edge conveyor belt applied in food transportation and so on, are products with special characteristics. Make the right choice, in order to better play (show the inherent ability) bucket elevator conveyor belt role.
When the user uses the bucket elevator conveyor belt and the cautery rubber conveyor belt for transportation, there must be relevant safety measures (pointer to the solution of the problem), to ensure the safety of the equipment, but also to ensure the safety of the operator. The edge belt is also called the edge conveyor belt, is the abbreviation of the edge conveyor belt, mainly wavy edge belt and large Angle edge conveyor belt. Among them, the base belt of the corrugated edge conveyor belt is required to have certain tensile strength and wear resistance. In order to adapt to the requirements of the Angle, the belt should have softness in the longitudinal direction, and a certain rigidity is required in the transverse direction. The wavy side guard conveyor belt produced by our company adopts transverse rigid base belt with special structure to solve the collapse phenomenon of large size conveyor belt in the return process. The sandwich canvas between nylon conveyor belt is nylon canvas. Nylon (NN) conveyor belt has the characteristics of thin belt body, high strength, impact resistance, good grooving, large interlayer adhesion, excellent flexion and long service life, etc. It is suitable for medium and long distance, high load and high speed material conveying. Widely used in mining,  coal yard, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, port and other departments. In the process of transportation, there should be a fixed transportation occasion, avoid frequent changes, and do not move the conveyor belt to and from place to place. This is not only easy to cause damage to equipment, but also has a great impact on the transportation of goods. Therefore, a certain tight space is needed to ensure the stable transportation of the conveyor belt and improve the safety of equipment. Users who use the conveyor belt to transport the products need to have a legal business license that allows the transport of these dangerous goods within the limits of the law (Fǎ L lǜ). When transporting goods, be sure to check them well in advance. When the conveyor belt is needed for transportation, the operator should check the integrity of the equipment in advance, and ensure that it can be used under normal conditions, so as to avoid unnecessary losses in the process of transportation.
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