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How to do the maintenance of heat resistant conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-07-20 10:42:01
We know that heat resistant conveyor belt equipment in daily use must pay attention to the maintenance, routine maintenance is the most basic work in the process of equipment operation, not only to develop standardized system standard, timing quantitative to maintenance of equipment, and check the degree of qualified maintenance and maintenance material consumption quantity, regular examination professional maintenance personnel work progress. Regular maintenance of the conveying equipment, can prevent the occurrence of a big failure, affect the normal production operation, so the specific maintenance of the conveying equipment how to do? Bucket elevator conveyor to analyze, in fact, this mainly has the following aspects.
1, conveying equipment neat white: maintenance tools, equipment accessories, all kinds of products and objects should be placed neatly, line line pipe and other parts should be combed neatly, not scattered knot;
2. Keep the heat-resistant conveyor belt equipment clean: clean the equipment from time to time, clean the surface of the equipment and the gear oil holes and other parts that are easy to be contaminated with dirt, keep the equipment free from damage, keep the equipment and the work site clean, and do not discard garbage in the workplace;
3, the development of equipment safety operation specifications, and requires workers to strictly abide by the operation rules, is prohibited overload operation, safety protection devices on the equipment should also be in place in time, remove all unsafe factors. To do a good job of daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular equipment maintenance and daily maintenance of vulnerable parts, cooling and lubrication of conveying equipment is also very important.
4. Keep the lubrication of the equipment in good condition and replace the lubricating oil in time. It is strictly prohibited to work without lubricating oil.
Through the study of the bucket elevator conveyor belt manufacturer, have you mastered the maintenance method of heat resistant conveyor belt? If you have other questions, you can call and consult with bucket elevator conveyor belt manufacturers at any time!
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