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How to do maintenance can make the use of the conveyor belt longer

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Update time : 2022-10-13 19:23:14
The use of conveyor belts in our production process can certainly improve our production efficiency and reduce labor costs. However, some users will find that the conveyor belt will be used for a short time and easily damaged when using it. Where is the secret of long service life of conveyor belt? Today I will take you to understand.
I. Conveyor belt selection
1. According to the comprehensive environmental factors you use, reasonable choice of conveyor belt, usually there are several choices, you need to combine various factors reasonable choice;
2. When the early selection is uncertain, it is necessary to select several conveyor belts combined with the equipment condition and scientific information results.
Operation and maintenance of conveyor belts
1. Pay attention to the correction of conveyor belt deviation when running conveyor belt. Equipment can be set up calibration device, production can be responsible for the team;
2. Periodic maintenance of heavy oil pollution conveyor belt. Corrosion.UV. Conveyor belts used in humid environments need regular maintenance to ensure that conveyor belts are safe and smooth.
The service life of conveyor belt is closely related to most users. We insist on recommending suitable conveyor belt products to customers; We provide reasonable maintenance suggestions when running conveyor belts; We adhere to the conveyor belt products, escort customers production.
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