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How to distinguish and choose high temperature resistant conveyor belt and burn resistant conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-11-17 14:50:54
When conveying high temperature materials, how to distinguish high temperature resistant conveyor belt from burning resistant conveyor belt?
High-temperature resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (terylene cotton) or polyester canvas, covered with high-temperature or heat-resistant rubber, and bonded together by high-temperature vulcanization. This traditional high-temperature resistant conveyor belt is generally suitable for conveying hot coke carbon, cement, slag and hot castings below 175℃ in GB/T 20021-2005. Its ability to withstand heat is that there is a certain elasticity and strength after the aging of 175℃*96h, which can meet the further requirements of use.
The burning-resistant conveyor belt is successively composed of high temperature burning-resistant layer, transition layer, organic insulation layer, strong layer and heat-resistant layer. However, there is no corresponding national standard, but each manufacturer has formulated internal control standards according to its own understanding. The so-called experimental method is also to evaluate the quality of the belt by referring to the steel ball burning experimental method in the standard.
The biggest difference between high temperature resistant conveyor belt and burning resistant conveyor belt is: High-temperature resistant conveyor belt is investigating the thermal oxygen aging capacity of covering rubber, the damage of covering rubber is a slow thermal oxygen aging, such a conveyor belt used in cement factories can best reflect its advantages, the material is not hot, the temperature is between 200 and 300℃, the belt is finally damaged because of the aging of covering rubber, generally rubber will use EPDM heat resistant oxygen aging good rubber, To improve the service life through certain coordination.
Burning resistant conveyor belt is a destructive use, because such conveyor belt is generally used in steel mills sinter and other extremely high temperature occasions, many places even have open fires, under such conditions, any long-term use of general rubber will lose its elasticity, so the producer by adding some carbon binding agent in the rubber, so that the rubber quickly carbonized at this temperature. Another function is to resist the wear of materials on the conveyor belt at high temperature (the wear resistance of general rubber will be greatly reduced at high temperature). This kind of conveyor belt rubber can be considered as rubber with good carbon binding performance, such as SBR and CR, and can achieve good carbon binding performance by adding coking agent (such as PNC-6 on the market). Improve service life.
A good grasp of the control of the conveying materials and the surface temperature of the conveyor belt during the use of the conveyor belt can effectively reduce the aging degree of the conveyor belt and improve its service life. It is hoped that this paper will be of some help to the personnel using these two conveyor belts.
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