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How to determine the counterweight of different nylon conveyor belts

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Update time : 2022-09-09 10:47:10
We all know that different kinds of nylon conveyor belt can bear the weight of the different, if you can't choose the right conveyor belt, underweight or overweight can cause damage to the interest of users, so many users on how to determine the weight of the belt more worry about this problem, this problem we for the overwhelming majority of users against doing a detailed answer. ,
Nylon conveyor belt because of its functional diversity and species widely used in various fields, different industries or different transportation products will lead to the differences of conveyor belt to choose, so the user must according to their own industry and transport of materials to choose to suit his needs conveyor belt, for conveying the weight of things, The thickness of the conveyor belt is not the same. We must choose the conveyor belt with the appropriate thickness according to the weight of the conveyor. This is because the greater the thickness of the conveyor belt, the weight it can bear will increase accordingly.
Under normal circumstances, the distribution of conveyor belt is determined by the actual situation of conveyor belt operation. We must always follow the principle that the lighter the counterweight is, the better it is when the belt does not slip. The situation of the counterweight is not invariable, of course, need to be adjusted according to the concrete situation, first of all, we should determine the position of the counterweight, try to keep in the central position, to enhance counterweight, second choice high strength good quality materials can greatly enhance the counterweight, third, according to the degree of wear and tear on the surface of the nylon conveyor belt reasonably adjust weight, reduce weight when you wear is bigger.
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