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How to deal with the wavy edge cracking of the wavy edge conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-05-11 10:05:24

The main function of the wave edge of the wave edge conveyor belt is to prevent the material from falling, equipment failure or wave edge quality problems may cause the wave edge to fall off or crack.

Wave edge conveyor belt wave edge fall off:

1. On-site repair of the wavy edge requires an experienced master to weld on-site with a hot air gun.

2. Replace the belt. In the case of a lot of damage to the conveyor belt, only the replacement of the conveyor belt can repair the equipment.

3. It can also be repaired reasonably according to the actual situation, provided that the base belt of the conveyor belt is not damaged.

4. Standardize the use and maintenance, check the corrugated conveyor belt regularly, find problems in time and take measures to repair or replace them.

Wave edge conveyor belt wave edge cracking:

1. The welding of the corrugated side of the conveyor belt is not firm.

2. The material of the corrugated edge of the conveyor belt does not meet the environmental requirements.

3. The wavy side baffle conveyor belt deviates, causing the wavy side to hit the mechanical parts and cause cracking.

4. The corrugated side baffle conveyor belt does not match the conveying equipment, especially the belt damage caused by the small diameter of the roller

5. Choose a corrugated edge conveyor belt with good material quality to improve its service life and stability.