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How to choose the right rubber conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-02-09 09:33:21
1. Shape and structure of rubber conveyor belt
Different types of transport, such as flat, trough, large dip Angle, zigzag and turn transport, box, tube, closed transport, and lift transport, these different transport modes are determined by the transport belt transport capacity, and will be constrained by terrain and environmental conditions, It is the premise of determining the raw material, structure, safety factor and length of the heavy rubber belt tensile body.
2. Selection of raw materials and structure of conveyor belt core
The performance of the conveyor belt and core raw materials, structure and the number of layers is very much related, cotton canvas multi-layer conveyor belt low strength, many layers, easy corrosion, large weight, high energy consumption, nylon conveyor belt high strength, large elasticity, light weight, impact resistance and good tortuous resistance, its groove performance is good, mildew resistance, water resistance and other properties are better than the general conveyor belt of cotton canvas skeleton, Nylon rubber belt can be preferentially selected when the tension stroke can be set longer. Polyester belt core strength is similar to cotton fiber, with all the advantages of nylon belt, its elastic modulus is higher than nylon, elongation is small, good dimensional stability, is a kind of ideal industrial transport belt, and steel wire rope core transport belt with high strength, good grooving, small elongation, Short tension stroke, especially suitable for large volume, high belt speed, long distance transportation requirements.
3. Selection of cover layer
The selection of the cover layer contains the cover data, surface shape and thickness, the main composition of the cover layer is a variety of rubber and plastic, in most climates, rubber belt can work normally under the condition of inclination is not greater than the flat Angle, and the normal operation of the flame retardant transport belt inclination is below 120 degrees, although the main skeleton raw material is not as good as the elasticity of rubber, But it has better flame retardant, discharge and cleaning, and because of the different performance of various rubber is also very big.