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How to choose the hot vulcanization joint material of conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-12-13 11:46:29
Before the conveyor belt is used for speculation, it is necessary to make joint treatment. After the joint, the whole belt can be formed into a ring before it can be used under the drive of the roller.
Joint mode, there are generally two kinds. Namely hot vulcanized joint and cold vulcanized joint, here mainly look at the selection of hot vulcanized joint related materials and matters for attention. Before the selection of materials, the construction personnel need to understand what materials need to be used in the hot vulcanization joint and the role of each material, in order to choose high-quality materials more in line with the requirements according to these properties.
There are generally three kinds of materials required for hot-vulcanized joints: hot-vulcanized joint glue, unvulcanized core glue and unvulcanized surface glue.
Hot vulcanized joint glue is mainly used for bonding between conveyor belt and core rubber surface glue, to ensure that the core rubber surface glue does not run off the right position when the vulcanizing machine is heating up and pressurizing, so as to ensure the strength of the joint.
The unvulcanized core glue is generally spread in the middle part of the conveyor belt to play the role of a cushion, to ensure the impact resistance of the joint part, and is the decisive material for the strength of the joint.
The unvulcanized surface glue is spread on the conveyor belt interface part to play a sealing role, to improve the anti-slip, wear resistance and tensile performance of the joint.
So how to choose the conveyor belt hot vulcanization joint material?
In fact, the selection of hot vulcanized joint materials mainly follows a principle, that is, the closer the selected hot vulcanized joint materials are to the conveyor belt material, the better. If there are many kinds of conveyor belts in industry and mining, only the more commonly used "general" joint materials can be equipped.
At present, the commonly used general joint materials are generally RIT unvulcanized core adhesive, RIT unvulcanized surface adhesive and hot vulcanized joint glue sk823. The core colloidal density is large, the crystallization rate is low, and the Munni viscosity is controlled between 40-55, which can improve the bonding strength of the vulcanization part of the conveyor belt. Surface adhesive pays more attention to tensile and wear resistance.
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