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How to choose the bearing of conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-08-29 10:11:31
Roller is also a very important part in the pattern conveyor belt conveying machinery. What is the roller made of? It is mainly composed of cylinder, spindle, bearing seat, retaining ring, sealing knot, bearing seat and other structures. So how to choose the bearing on the roller in the pattern conveyor belt conveying machinery? Now the main selection is deep groove centripetal ball bearing and tapered stick bearing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of bearings:
Deep groove centripetal ball advantages: can be made into a large clearance, low price.
The roller bearing deep groove centripetal ball in the pattern conveyor belt conveying machinery has disadvantages: poor impact resistance, poor corrosion resistance, low life compared with other bearings.
Tapered roller bearing advantages: with greater radial and bearing capacity, better regulating performance, low price, simple installation and disassembly, with self-discharge capacity, with strong impact resistance.
Tapered roller bearing shortcomings: processing, assembly requirements of ointment, running with bearing life has a greater impact, running resistance is higher than deep groove centripetal ball bearing. In the case of poor working environment, we generally recommend the selection of tapered roller bearings. The large clearance ball bearings usually used in the bearing design of this pattern conveyor belt machinery can not be discharged automatically, especially the horizontal idlers, which can speed up the bearing wear degree and reduce the service life. In order to overcome this deficiency and increase the bearing capacity of idlers, taper roller bearings with large bearing capacity should be used in the design, and the dried grease can automatically discharge the rolling body during operation. With the continuous appearance of special bearings, pattern conveyor belt manufacturers suggest that now generally tend to use 204 kA, 205 kA and other special bearings, which can greatly improve the overall quality of bearings.
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