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How to carry out cold curing repair conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-15 19:08:05
Pattern conveyor belt in daily industrial production may appear a variety of damage, these damage if can not be timely solved is to seriously affect the service life of the conveyor belt. In the repair method of conveyor belt, the most commonly introduced and most commonly used repair method is hot vulcanization, but today, the manufacturer of decorative pattern conveyor belt would like to introduce some cold vulcanization repair steps to you, hoping to help you.
First of all, before starting the repair, no matter what kind of repair method is chosen, the damaged conveyor belt should be treated first, and the worn part of the conveyor belt should be polished to follow the next operation steps. Secondly, according to the area size of the damaged position of the conveyor belt of the pattern, the repair piece of the conveyor belt with semi-vulcanized layer is determined. It is required that the size of the repair piece used should exceed about 2 cm around the damaged area. If it is found that there is no patch strip with semi-vulcanized layer when repairing the conveyor belt, the pasted surface should be polished at a deeper level, so as to ensure the repair effect.
After doing well the preparation work of the above, the relevant technical personnel to the belt adhesive coating on the conveyor belt of damage location and patches in the sulfide surface, under the condition of normal temperature keep brush glue undertakes 2 times after five minutes or so, after complete cementing job will wash the white belt patches paste on the polished surface, then glue to compaction.
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