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How to avoid the rubber surface of the conveyor belt damage

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Update time : 2022-09-01 19:27:14
Conveyor belt has good characteristics, such as its high strength, relatively high impact resistance, and good slotting, and then in use is recognized, but in daily use there will be glue surface damage, can not continue to use. How does this problem break down? We have a look at the conveyor belt manufacturers. This time, we mainly introduce three methods:
First, in the process of using the conveyor belt, it is necessary to avoid the impact caused by cutting material and material overload. In addition, in the transportation system, the design of the coal leak hopper does not consider the drop, resulting in its implementation is relatively large, or improper guidance in transportation and so on, will bring great impact to the conveyor belt, resulting in some pits on the belt surface, excess will destroy the glue surface, resulting in damage to the glue surface.
Two is to avoid direct contact with some high temperature materials, such as in the case of dirty slag coal produced by the conveying boiler room, dirty slag coal has not been cooled, and the temperature is still high, then the conveying will lead to the damage or melting of the covering glue, will cause the conveyor belt wear.
Three is to ensure the good quality of the conveyor belt, there are good products, in order to better transport materials only because of the manufacturing process problems will appear adhesion is not strong, resulting in the damage of the covering glue. This situation requires attention.
In conclusion, in order to avoid the damage of the adhesive surface of the conveyor belt, it is inseparable from the standard operation, and attention should be paid to all links in the process of production and put into use.
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