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How many layers of conveyor belt are there generally?

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Update time : 2022-10-22 11:08:25
We can see that ordinary conveyor belt is customized, the number of layers is according to customer requirements, Some clients believe that more layers are better. In fact, everything has standards, too many layers is not good, it is difficult to transport, too heavy operation. So in the end, we often see the common conveyor belt has a total of several layers, the following is to introduce.
The number of layers of the conveyor belt is generally divided into one layer, two layers, three layers, layer, etc., we usually see the more common conveyor belt layer is three layers, standard is divided into three layers, surface layer, such as its material and thickness can be customized, and then there is a strong layer, belongs to the middle layer, the bottom is the belt on the ground. These layers exist with standards and.
For ordinary conveyor belt layer, need to be customized according to their own transportation needs, generally default is three layers, different layers of price is different, generally in the rubber conveyor belt above the logo, if the manufacturer verify that the logo is right, can cut out a small piece of conveyor belt at some edges, especially obvious.
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