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Energy saving method for selection of driving device of port belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-20 16:53:57
Belt conveyors are commonly used in all kinds of seaports and transportation port systems. As the core mechanism, the selection of corresponding specifications plays a decisive role in the stable use of the whole line body, economy and energy saving, etc. Below, we will focus on the analysis from the factors of energy saving and consumption reduction:
As the belt conveyor itself has the advantages of long transport distance and large transport capacity, the loading and unloading of various materials in most seaports is often carried out through the belt conveyor line body, but its driving source should be considered comprehensively to reduce the occupation of space and so on. In practical applications, the belt conveyor is generally designed with two-way transport function, so as to meet the needs of the storage and transportation of bulk materials in and out of the warehouse. The bidirectional operation is mainly achieved by a reversible driving device, can optimize a reverse driving machine, while reducing the corresponding wiring engineering quantity, save the user construction cost;
The same electric roller drives the belt to run, which can avoid the problem of belt deviation when reversing and reduce the frequency of daily use and maintenance. In general, the power loss of the driving device will affect the utilization rate of the conveyor equipment when conveying out of the warehouse of the food reserve station. In order to ensure the conveying performance and avoid the belt slipping in operation, the belt tensioning force needs to increase. In addition, the self-weight makes the energy consumption of the belt machine increase, which will eventually shorten the life of the belt conveyor; In addition, for the two-way transmission of different transmission equipment, can use the double drive structure, in the later period of energy consumption reduction and cost savings is relatively high, is very worthy of user attention, the driving drum using frequency conversion motor is more conducive to energy saving;
At the same time, in order to avoid insufficient driving force in use, it is necessary to increase the power multiple of the driving motor in order to avoid virtual high power consumption in order to consider the heavy load starting caused by objective reasons on the calculated rated power.
Belt conveyor equipment is a relatively simple port transmission equipment. Whether the energy-saving selection of the corresponding driving device is appropriate will greatly affect the reliability and economy of use. For the line body that has been invested, energy-saving measures can be effectively implemented in the long term to create higher economic benefits for users.