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Why Choose Automatic Sortation Conveyor?

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Update time : 2023-05-08 11:29:13

Automatic sortation conveyor is the core equipment in logistics automation in a complete automated logistics warehousing system, and with the rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industries, the speed of automated logistics warehousing construction is also accelerating. The automatic sorting system, according to the different sorting principles, mainly sorts cross-belt type, inclined guide wheel type, reciprocating intelligent sorting, slider type, and conveyor type. Different types have their own advantages.

The main fields of application of automated sortation conveyors also include various industries such as tobacco, medicine, distribution, food, and automobiles. The demand for conveying and sorting systems in the production and storage links of manufacturing enterprises is also rising. With the logistics services of home appliances and furniture and other industries The upgrading of automatic conveying and sorting technology for large-scale logistics is also on the agenda.

When choosing an automated sortation conveyor, an enterprise must consider its own cargo volume, the peak season peak value and the off-season average value, its own financial capability, and the application scenario. All in all, the most suitable one is the best. OK

From a technical point of view, sorting accuracy and damage rate should be considered. Sorting accuracy is directly related to the input cost of manual sorting, and is an important indicator to measure the efficiency of sorting equipment. An excellent automated sortation conveyor needs to achieve high accuracy while maintaining fast sorting.

In the future, automatic sorting and conveying opportunities will replace a large number of manual sorting and become an indispensable part of automation equipment. There will also be more sorting and conveying equipment that meet market demand, and jointly promote the development and progress of the sorting and conveying industry.