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Core adhesive and surface adhesive for belt conveyor belt joints

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Update time : 2022-12-15 14:00:57
In general, there are three kinds of conveyor belt joints:
The first, mechanical joints - with belt buckle joints;
Advantages: easy to maintain, easy to connect;
Disadvantages: short use time, easy to hurt the roller and run off;
The second, cold adhesive - the belt will be torn at both ends, glue, and then compacting for 2 hours;
Advantages: convenient connection;
Disadvantages: the use time is longer than the mechanical joint, the joint is easy to enter the material, shorten the service life.
The third, hot vulcanization joint - the belt after the two ends of the tear, glue, and then use a special vulcanizing machine for hot vulcanization.
Advantages: Long use time, the strength of the joint and the strength of the whole belt is basically the same.
Disadvantages: Special connector tools must be used.
The conveyor belt joint material is mainly composed of core glue, surface glue and hot vulcanized glue.
Core glue is used in the middle part of the conveyor belt joint to improve the bonding strength of the joint, enhance the overall tensile strength of the conveyor belt, and prevent the occurrence of non-glue pulling of the conveyor belt, especially the steel wire rope core conveyor belt. The thickness of core glue used for canvas conveyor belt is mainly 0.8mm and 1mm, while the thickness of core glue used for wire rope conveyor belt is mainly 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.
Surface glue is used as sealing treatment in the joint of canvas conveyor belt, while it is laid on the surface of core rubber in the application of wire rope conveyor belt to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance of the conveyor belt. The thickness of the surface adhesive is mainly 3mm and 5mm.
When hot vulcanized glue is used in hot vulcanized joint of conveyor belt, the pretreatment between canvas, steel wire, core glue and surface glue plays a transition role in the whole vulcanization process and improves the bonding strength.
About Storage
Materials shall be stored in an ambient temperature of 0-20℃, and shall not be directly exposed to sunlight and humid air.
1. The warehouse where the joint glue is stored must be dry and away from light, and the glue is stacked away from heat source, oil pollution, dust and other contact; Prevent contact with acids, bases, oils and organic solvents that affect the quality of rubber.
2. The temperature of the warehouse for long-term stacking of joint glue should be kept within the range of 0-25℃, and the temperature of the warehouse for short-term storage should also be not lower than 0℃ or higher than 40℃ as far as possible.
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