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Conveyor belt hot vulcanization joint common points for attention

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Update time : 2022-12-09 17:11:11
1. When the curing temperature is lower than 143℃, plate curing is not recommended.
2. When curing different specifications of tape and continuous curing tape, the cloth layer difference is not more than 2 layers, the width difference is generally not more than 200mm, the positive curing time difference is not more than 2min, it is recommended to vulcanize according to the longer time.
3. Strictly check the width, thickness and appearance quality of the strip blank according to the batch number card, and equip the pad iron according to the compression ratio.
4. The vulcanization temperature, time and pressure of rubber conveyor belt must be strictly controlled during the vulcanization process. When the conveyor belt is mixed with recycled rubber to reduce the cost, the processing temperature of recycled rubber should be considered comprehensively and the vulcanization parameters should be adjusted appropriately.
5. When rubber conveyor belt is vulcanized, if the water door leaks and the water pressure suddenly drops below the specified level, it is only allowed to vulcanize the conveyor belt, and it cannot continue to vulcanize until the pressure returns to normal.
6. When problems occur in the process of conveyor belt vulcanization and it must be broken for more than 30 minutes, the steam inlet valve should be closed and the belt should be padded with wooden barbar to make it all leave the hot plate.
7 vulcanized plate when the driver must look at the plate in the conveyor belt, if found bubbles should be immediately punctured, out of the plate, and then force the bubble open, to prevent bubble expansion caused by bubble expansion serious losses.
8. Under normal circumstances, with billet installed in the plate, the bias phenomenon shall not exceed 50mm, vulcanized belt thickness deviation on both sides shall not exceed 0.5mm.
9. When rubber conveyor belt is vulcanized, silicone oil and gasoline are used as isolators. Silicone oil: gasoline =1:20 (mass ratio).
10. Rubber conveyor belt vulcanized joint with the same specification without series plate, can be directly vulcanized. But the string should not be repeated vulcanized three times. Two strips of different widths cannot be vulcanized together.
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