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Common method of rubber conveyor belt installation

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Update time : 2023-01-30 09:25:24
Whether it is a new conveyor, or a rubber conveyor belt, or an old conveyor belt, it needs to be installed on the conveyor to be used, so how to install the conveyor belt on the conveyor? And how to replace the old conveyor belt? The following is a brief introduction to you
Precautions for rubber conveyor belt installation:
First, pay attention to the working rubber surface and non-working rubber surface of the conveyor belt, and the working rubber surface faces outward. (The working face is the thicker side of the adhesive)
2. When attaching the new conveyor belt to the old conveyor belt, pay attention to the new and old conveyor belt to be parallel to prevent the conveyor belt from running off.
3. Arrange personnel to guard the conveyor belt by sections to prevent rubbing and scratching, especially when the belt passes through the roller and the feeding port.
Ring conveyor belt installation method: ring conveyor belt is already done joint conveyor belt, this conveyor belt installation or replacement, are more troublesome, now less used. The specific method is to install the lower belt roller first, then spread the belt to the conveyor, install the driving roller, then install the support roller, and finally install the reversing roller. This is more suitable for the first installation of the conveyor.
Lifting above the conveyor replacement method: This method is to lift the conveyor belt to the conveyor above, using the conveyor electric roller rotation, the belt is installed on the conveyor, this method is more labor-saving, and whether the new conveyor belt installation, or the old conveyor belt replacement can be.
Replacement method of conveyor belt at the tail of the machine: lift the conveyor belt to be replaced to the end of the conveyor belt, attach the new belt to the old belt, and wear the new belt to the conveyor with the rotation drive of the belt. This method is also suitable for new and old belt replacement. The method of replacing the conveyor belt under the counterweight is to replace the conveyor belt under the counterweight iron of the conveyor, connect the old and new belts together, and use the roller to rotate the belt. This method is less labor, is the most commonly used method, but the disadvantage of the new belt joint is more laborious.