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Climbing belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-23 09:12:28
Climbing belt conveyor is suitable for the continuous transmission of goods between the height difference, and the belt is equipped with a file, partition, skirt, etc., so that the object can be lifted at a larger Angle. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast transmission, low noise and uninterrupted.
Climbing belt conveyor is especially suitable for conveying small materials, such as food, injection parts, powder and various parts industries. It is used for conveying goods between upper and lower floors, slope terrain, overpass and other planes with height difference. In some cases, it can be used instead of an elevator. When conveying granular articles, a baffle can be added at intervals to prevent the items from falling due to gravity.
Skirt climbing belt conveyor by adding lifting baffle, skirt and other accessories on the conveyor belt, all the accessories are welded with high frequency, seamless connection, using nylon machining pressure wheel, conveyor belt running smoothly, can meet the lifting process requirements of particulate matter and powder, food climbing belt conveyor is widely used in food, chemical industry and other industries.