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Characteristics of trough belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-11-25 14:16:38
1) The conveying capacity of the trough belt conveyor is large. When the trough belt conveyor is transported in a straight line, the opening size W= B/2 is selected, and the conveying capacity is 8%~ 14% larger than that of the general belt conveyor.
2) Trough belt conveyor conveyor conveyor dip Angle is large. As the groove Angle of the roller is 90°, according to the theory of bulk mechanics, the derived friction coefficient between the material and the conveyor belt will be 40%~60% higher than that of the general type, so its maximum conveying Angle is 8°~12° larger than the general type, reaching or even exceeding the conveying Angle of the pattern belt conveyor.
3) The conveyor line of the trough belt conveyor can turn in the horizontal plane with a certain radius of curvature, which can realize the spatial curve transmission, and can reduce the link of transmission, civil construction investment and operator, and improve the reliability of the transmission system.
4) Stable operation, no deviation, not easy to sprinkle.
5) Conducive to environmental protection, convenient to add protective cover, forming an approximate closed transportation environment. When used in the open air, the material is not easy to be blown away by cross winds.
6) The existing universal belt conveyor can be easily changed into a trough belt conveyor to give full play to the equipment capacity.