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Causes and solutions of abnormal noise of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-06 09:33:16
When belt conveyor is running, its transmission device, transmission drum, reversing drum and idler gear set will make abnormal noise when abnormal. According to the abnormal noise, you can determine the fault of the equipment.
(1) Noise when belt conveyor idlers are seriously eccentric
During the operation of belt conveyor, the roller often has abnormal noise and periodic vibration. The main causes of noise are uneven wall thickness of seamless steel pipe and large centrifugal force. On the other hand, in the idler wheel machining process, The center of the bearing holes at both ends deviates greatly from the center of the outer circle,  which will also generate large centrifugal force and abnormal noise.
(2) There is noise when two shafts of belt conveyor coupling have different centers
The abnormal noise produced by the motor at the high-speed end of the belt conveyor driving device and the coupling with the reducer or brake wheel is the same as the rotation frequency of the motor.
When this noise occurs, the position of the belt conveyor motor and reducer should be adjusted in time to avoid the fracture of the reducer input shaft.
(3) belt conveyor reversing drum, driving drum abnormal sound
During normal operation, the noise of the reversing drum and the driving drum is very small. When there is abnormal noise, the bearing is usually damaged. The main reason for the belt conveyor is that the clearance is too large or too small, shaft channeling, oil leakage or poor oil quality, The seal of the bearing end cover is not in place, resulting in bearing wear and temperature rise. At this time, the dew point of the belt conveyor should be eliminated, the lubricating oil should be replaced, and a large number of bearings should be replaced.
(4) Noise of belt conveyor reducer
Belt conveyor reducer abnormal vibration or sound causes include: foot screw loosening, wheel center or wheel screw loosening, gear serious lack of teeth or wear, reducer oil shortage, etc., should be repaired or replaced in time.
(5) Motor noise of belt conveyor
There are several reasons for the abnormal vibration and sound of the belt conveyor motor: the load is too large; Low pressure or two-phase operation; Anchor bolts or wheels are loose; Bearing failure; Motor turns short circuit. The belt conveyor should stop the inspection, reduce the load, check whether the screw is loose, check whether the bearing is damaged.
(6) Noise caused by bearing damage in belt conveyor
The inner bearings of belt conveyors usually need to have stable supporting capacity. Once they receive high pressure, they are easily damaged.
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