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Cause belt conveyor shutdown of three major problems and solutions

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Update time : 2022-11-25 14:10:17
If the belt conveyor is not properly maintained in the process of use, the conveyor may have rapid belt wear and component failure, resulting in shutdown and maintenance. This has a corresponding negative impact on productivity and profits.
1. The belt runs astray
Problem: Belt deflection occurs when the belt deviates from its required path. This is a serious problem that can lead to belt damage, equipment failure and material spills. There are many reasons for belt deviation, such as insufficient belt tension, off-load, splicing errors, component deflection, material accumulation on components and components, and so on.
The solution: The best solution is to find the root cause of the belt deviation to prevent the same problem in the future. A belt inspection will help identify all potential problems causing the deviation so that an appropriate solution can be developed. If the belt has a slight deviation, the automatic self-aligning roller can be used to correct the belt track, and ensure that the future always run straight.
2. Material transportation back
Problem: When a small amount of materials adhere to the belt, the conveyor will appear back transport phenomenon. This can cause material to accumulate under the conveyor belt, or on the idlers and rollers. Some materials, such as clay and some minerals, adhere to belts more easily than others. Although the return volume is very small, but for a long time, there will be tons of material accumulated, had to be cleaned twice. Material repatriation also creates safety and environmental hazards, increases cleanup costs, and is often detrimental to the optimal operation of conveyor systems.
Solution: A simple solution is to install a ribbon cleaner designed to prevent backhauls. The benefits of a ribbon cleaner more than offset the upfront investment costs. Reduce material spills, save maintenance costs, and create a safer work environment. In addition, a clean belt prevents premature idler damage, extends belt life, and keeps the system in optimal operating condition.
3. The belt is damaged
Problems: There are several reasons for belt damage, such as excessive impact force, deviation, improper use of sealing system or belt cleaner, components stuck and drum traction is not enough. The belt is the most expensive part of the conveyor, so it is important to find the underlying cause of the belt problem and take proactive measures to avoid irreparable damage.
The solution: There are many reasons for belt damage, so there are many different solutions. For example, installing a buffer roller or bracket in the feeding area can disperse the impact of the falling material, thereby reducing wear and tear on the belt. The proper sealing system can prevent the belt from being damaged by the stuck material. The use of appropriate roller adhesive material, can increase friction, prevent the belt from slipping, and will not be damaged soon. These solutions help minimize maintenance downtime, usually determined by a single belt inspection. Belt inspections can catch minor belt damage and avoid serious failures in the future.
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