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Cause and harm of belt conveyor break

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Update time : 2022-12-22 09:32:15
The belt conveyor has a long transmission interval, a simple transmission method, a fast transmission speed, and is widely used in the delivery of goods. Because of the impact of the working environment and working nature as well as the quality of the belt conveyor, the conveyor often presents the phenomenon of conveyor belt breaking in the process of operation, which not only threatens the life safety of the operators, but also is not conducive to the progress of working power. In order to ensure the life safety of the operators, improve the working power and working quality, it is particularly important to use the belt conveyor broken belt maintenance equipment to maintain the conveyor.
1, belt conveyor broken belt damage
Belt conveyor breaking phenomenon damaged other parts of conveyor to a certain extent. For example, once the supporting roller is damaged, it will cause the supporting roller to break away from the supporting roller because it cannot be fixed stably. On the one hand, the fall of the supporting roller may threaten the life safety of the operators near the belt conveyor, on the other hand, it may also cause certain damage to other equipment near the belt conveyor. It can be seen that the broken belt of the belt conveyor will not only cause economic loss due to damage to other parts of the conveyor, but also may cause economic loss due to damage to other parts around the belt conveyor. In addition, once the belt conveyor breaks, it will take a lot of time to repair, during this period, the conveyor can not work normally, the formation of economic loss is self-evident. In severe cases, life may even be lost.
2, the formation of belt conveyor belt broken reasons
The broken belt of belt conveyor refers to the phenomenon that the conveyor can not work normally because of the cracking of the conveyor belt during the normal operation of the conveyor for some reason. The reasons for the crack of the belt conveyor are various. First, the belt conveyor may break because the quality of the conveyor belt joint is unqualified. Conveyor belt joints some metal joints and some vulcanized joints, once the quality of the joint is not guaranteed, then the conveyor conveying goods component may be affected by conveyor operation time, the joint is very easy to attack damage, over the long term, eventually the phenomenon of cracking at the joint. Secondly, the belt conveyor attack broken belt is caused by the direct cracking of the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt quality is the direct cause of conveyor belt cracking is also the most primary cause, because the operation time is too long or the quality of the transported goods is too large, so that the belt conveyor overload operation and increase the probability of conveyor belt cracking. In addition, the use of belt conveyor is not reasonable also increase the frequency of broken belt. Transfer items placed on the conveyor belt interval is not reasonable, the transmission of goods between the mass of the interval is too large will form the transport belt uneven force, and then the formation of the conveyor belt cracking. In addition, the belt conveyor at the beginning of the start and sudden stop of the stress is very big, has a crucial impact on the conveyor belt, therefore, in order to avoid the start and stop when the conveyor belt attack damage, should ensure that there is no goods on the conveyor belt to start or stop.