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Calculation method of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-23 09:16:19
The earliest design concept derived from the belt conveyor calculation method has had a very extensive influence on the machinery industry in modern times. With the further development of science and technology, the calculation method of each sub-item of the main resistance parameters in the calculation process is more accurate. These are obtained from the Angle of the composition of the main resistance of the belt conveyor. However, accurate calculation method is rarely used at present, the main reason is that the calculation process is more complex, and involves a large number of calculation parameters, and for the power and tension calculation process, it has gradually formed to point by point calculation method, resistance superposition method and iterative calculation method three more efficient and accurate ways, the specific content includes the following:
(1) point-by-point calculation method, this method is based on the vertical conditions set by the rubber conveyor belt to determine the drive drum running point tension, and then calculate the drive drum meeting point tension by using the point-by-point tension calculation method, the tension difference between the two on the rubber drum is the driving force required, the early calculation method and the belt conveyor design manual mainly use this method, This method is difficult to calculate in multi-point drive system.
(2) The resistance superposition method, firstly calculate all kinds of resistance of the belt conveyor, they are superimposed together to obtain the total resistance and driving force data of the conveyor, and then according to the rubber belt and drum does not slip conditions and sag restriction conditions, the use of point by point calculation method to calculate the tension of each characteristic point of the belt, the national standard is the use of such a method, The main problem of this method is that the resistance related to the belt tension cannot be accurately calculated, and the resistance in the bending section is usually ignored in the calculation.
(3) Iterative calculation method, this method is based on the brief resistance superposition method to calculate the total resistance, and then calculate the total resistance according to the point tension calculation method. When the error of the last two total resistance is within the limited range, the calculation is finished. Otherwise, the next iteration calculation is carried out, and the total resistance and tension of each point are finally obtained. Because the calculation result of the main resistance in the traditional calculation method is greatly affected by the tension of the industrial conveyor belt, the iterative calculation method must be adopted. This method is characterized by high accuracy and complicated process, which is suitable for computer calculation.