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Bucket elevator conveyor belt why "skid"?

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Update time : 2022-09-13 21:02:49
Bucket elevator conveyor belt, as a kind of mechanical equipment, plays an important role in material transportation, has a positive role in promoting the development of the whole society. However, in the process of bucket elevator conveyor belt operation will inevitably appear some problems we can not completely put an end to the bucket elevator conveyor belt failure, but we can do our best to find the problem as soon as possible, properly deal with the problem. Today here, we mainly introduce some bucket elevator conveyor belt operation common problems "skid", next with you to explore the causes of bucket elevator conveyor belt skid phenomenon what? What should we do about it?
In order to effectively avoid the phenomenon of "skid", we must first make clear what causes the phenomenon of "skid". Through the use of the bucket elevator conveyor belt investigation found that the cause of the bucket elevator conveyor belt "skid" phenomenon is mainly because the friction roller and conveyor belt is not enough. Generally speaking, when the bucket elevator conveyor belt speed is lower than 95% of the speed of the roller, the friction of the roller and the conveyor belt will be insufficient, and then the phenomenon of "skid".
Specifically, what are the reasons for the lack of friction? We now can be summed up with the following three: one is the tension insufficient weight, weight, the tension of conveyor belt is too long cause is not enough, the second is bucket elevator conveyor belt is load status when starting, three roller surface is adhesive wear is too large, the belt body wet or with lubricating oil, the belt body surface with water soluble materials rises could easily cause of roller surface friction coefficient is not enough.