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Big Angle belt conveyor retaining belt 5 characteristics

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Update time : 2022-11-25 14:13:31
Large Angle retaining conveyor belt is suitable for transportation quality of 500-2500kg/m, material limit lumpiness of 100-250mm, its simple structure, convenient maintenance, small use space, in the electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries are favored. The structure of the conveyor belt with large Angle guard is: A rubber wavy vertical skirt that can be expanded freely is added on both sides of the flat belt, and a diaphragm of certain strength is formed between the skirt to form a box type bucket. Such a design can realize the continuous conveying of materials. The conveyor belt with large dip Angle can be applied to food, chemical industry, hydropower and other fields, and it can operate in the environment of -19℃ -- +40℃. Bulk material conveying accumulation proportion is 0.5-2.5t/m, when the material transported is acid alkaline, oily, can use a special type of large Angle guard conveyor belt.
There are 5 characteristics of high Angle fender conveyor belt
1. The conveying Angle of the large-angle retaining conveyor belt can reach 90°, which is a relatively ideal large-angle conveying and upgrading conveying equipment. At the same time, it can reduce the operating space, reduce a lot of equipment investment and civil construction costs, and perform well in cost.
2. The operation is relatively stable, and the phenomenon of stuck chain, broken chain, falling bucket and slippage will not occur frequently like other kinds of conveyor belts. The stability of its operation can almost be compared with that of flat belt.
3. Because there is no mining resistance when loading and the internal and external friction of materials during operation, the energy consumption of the conveyor belt with large dip Angle is greatly reduced.
4. The structure of large Angle retaining conveyor belt is simple, most of the parts can be common with the general belt conveyor, and the application range is wide, while greatly reducing the difficulty of maintenance.
5, the head and tail of the device can be set up any length of the horizontal section, in order to achieve convenient connection with other equipment.
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