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Belt conveyor type selection two practical skills

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Update time : 2022-12-22 09:35:25
Belt conveyor, also known as belt conveyor, belt conveyor, is a very widely used conveyor equipment, almost in various industries in the conveyor line can see various forms of belt conveyor. The belt conveyor works according to the principle of friction, mainly used for continuous conveying of materials.
In the process of material conveying in various industries, belt conveyor plays a transitional role, and is also an important auxiliary equipment in the production line. Therefore, how to choose the right belt conveyor is equally important.
Here are two practical selection tips:
First, it is necessary to clarify the industry for the belt conveyor, the material of the conveyor belt, the technical parameters of bandwidth and other factors. If the rubber belt is suitable for the working environment temperature between -15 °C and 40°C, the material temperature shall not exceed 50°C; Plastic belt has the advantages of oil, acid and alkali resistance, but poor adaptability to climate, easy to slip and aging.
Second, to choose the correct belt conveyor belt speed. Longer horizontal conveyor, should choose a higher belt speed; The greater the conveyor dip Angle, the shorter the transmission distance, the lower the speed should be. For example, when the conveyor capacity is large and the conveyor belt is wide, the higher belt speed should be selected; Low belt speed should be selected for materials that are easy to roll, large particle size, strong grinding, easy to dust and require higher environmental health conditions; When the unloading truck is used, the belt speed should not exceed 2.5m/s. When conveying fine materials or small pieces of materials, the belt speed is allowed to be 3.15m/s; Used for feeding or conveying materials with large amounts of dust, with the speed of 0.8~1m/s, can also be determined according to the material characteristics and process requirements.
Belt conveying function to transport all kinds of materials, has the advantages of economic applicability, large volume, good continuity, stable work, can be according to the customer's transportation process requirements, single transport work; And can be in the rugged complex environment long distance transmission of materials, to achieve automatic, integrated production operations; At present, it has been widely used in mining, coal, electric power and other fields, and has become the most ideal equipment for long-distance, large volume and continuous transportation.