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Belt conveyor rain cover installation method

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Update time : 2022-12-26 11:34:29
1. When installing, press the closed cover on the left and right two adjacent fixed covers, and the coincidence length is one wave distance or two wave distance. Note that the hinged side of the closed and open cover is placed on the non-passing side of the conveyor, while the locked side is placed on the passing side of the conveyor.
Two, as a fixed conveyor rain cover skeleton is connected Angle steel or Z-type steel, the length of which is equal to the installation length of conveyor cover. Weld the connecting Angle steel or Z-type steel to the channel steel or small Angle steel on both sides of the conveying frame. If you need to install the supporting Angle, weld the supporting Angle to both sides of the frame, and then weld the connecting Angle or Z-type steel to the supporting Angle.
Three, the rain cover from one end of the frame to the other end of the "product" font installation, installation on the rain cover is strictly prohibited, do not force impact or knock.
Four, the waterproof cover is fixed on the connecting Angle steel or Z-type steel with self-tapping nails, and there are many 4 fixed points for each piece.
Five, every 10 pieces can also be installed 1 piece of observation type rain cover, convenient maintenance and view.
6. The folding point cover is only used at the folding point of the convex arc of the conveyor, and the deviation switch cover is designed to cover the deviation switch. Both are covered with fixed cover.