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Belt conveyor parts maintenance points

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Update time : 2022-11-22 17:39:34
1. Bearing point: The bearing point is the part of the conveyor belt that is very easy to be damaged. The speed of the conveyor belt, the lumpiness of the material transported by the conveyor belt, the impact force and the direction of the bearing operation are all important factors that should be paid attention to.
2. Cleaning: the surface of all rollers and rollers must be kept clean, and the return roller and buffer roller must be kept clean. The conveyor belt is required to be clean when entering the return operation. Generally, the scraper is used, that is, the herringbone cleaner.
3. Roller: Ensure that all rollers rotate flexibly. If there are many attachments on the roller, the belt will deviate and damage the conveyor belt. So you should always check to keep the drum clean.
4. Upper and lower rollers: the management and butter of rollers should be strictly observed, and the damaged rollers should be replaced in time
5. Tensioning device: Check whether the tensioning device can operate, the size of the stroke, whether the sliding condition of the guide frame is good, fill oil regularly, and check the cover plate set in the tensioning device to prevent materials from falling into.
6, conveyor belt: regular inspection of the conveyor belt itself fault and timely processing, is the main measure to prevent accidents and improve the service life of the conveyor belt.
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