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Belt conveyor integrated protection device

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Update time : 2022-12-05 09:56:57
The three comprehensive protection devices of the belt conveyor constitute a set of protection device system, which forms the three protection devices of the belt conveyor: the speed protection of the belt conveyor, the temperature protection of the belt conveyor, the stopping protection of the belt conveyor at any point midway.
1. Temperature protection of belt conveyor.
When the temperature of the roller of the belt conveyor exceeds the limit due to friction between the roller and the belt, the detection device (transmitter) installed closely to the roller will send out the overtemperature signal. After receiving the signal, the receiver will delay for 3S to make part of the action, cut off the power supply of the motor, and the conveyor will stop automatically to protect the temperature.
2. Speed protection of belt conveyor.
If a fault occurs to the belt conveyor, such as motor burning, mechanical transmission damage, belt or chain pulled off, belt slip, etc., the magnetic switch in the accident drive SG installed on the passive parts of the belt conveyor cannot be closed or cannot be closed at the normal speed, then the control system will be delayed according to the reverse time characteristic, and the speed protection circuit will take effect. Make the execution part of the action, cut off the motor power supply, to avoid the expansion of the accident.
3. Stop protection at any point of belt conveyor midway.
If you need to stop at any point along the belt conveyor, you should switch the corresponding position to the middle stop position, the belt conveyor will stop immediately. If you need to turn it on again, reset the switch first, and then press the signal switch to signal.