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Belt conveyor commonly used starting mode

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Update time : 2022-12-08 13:32:03
The most commonly used starting mode of belt conveyor is mainly three kinds, which are soft starting with electric control speed regulation, hydraulic coupler speed regulation starting and hydraulic viscous drive speed regulation starting device. The hydraulic viscous drive speed regulation starting device realizes power transmission through the oil film shearing action between the active friction plate and the passive friction. The active friction plate and the transmission shaft as well as the passive friction plate connection frame are connected by splines, and can also move through the spline axial, through the hydraulic cylinder control piston compression force can realize the change of the distance between the friction plates, and then change the size of the transfer torque. The performance of liquid viscous transmission is better than that of hydraulic coupler at high speed and better than that of electric control at low speed. It can not only realize the zero load start of the motor, but also realize the stepless speed regulation of the driving drum, and the speed regulation range is large. In addition, in its manufacturing cost, heat dissipation, maintenance and other convenient relative to other speed control methods more advantage.
The advantages of liquid viscous transmission speed regulating start of belt conveyor are mainly as follows:
1. The belt conveyor can make the motor start with zero load, drive the roller stepless speed regulation and a wide range of speed regulation;
2. High sensitivity of belt conveyor speed regulation;
3. The belt conveyor is easy to realize the automation of speed regulation, stable speed and high precision;
4. Adjusting the oil film thickness of the belt conveyor can realize synchronous rotation between the active rotor and the driven rotor, with small power loss and high transmission efficiency;
5. The overload protection of the hydraulic viscous speed regulation system of the belt conveyor is easy to achieve. When the heavy load is started, the starting process is slow and fast, and the start is stable to prevent the system from producing too much inertia force;
6. The transmission speed regulating device used for liquid viscous transmission is a fully closed pure mechanical device. The friction between the plates is wet and will not produce sparks, so the device is easy to achieve explosion-proof standards.
7. The price of liquid viscous transmission speed regulation of the belt conveyor is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is low, because the liquid viscous transmission speed regulation relative to the electric control type speed regulation and hydraulic speed regulation has incomparable advantages, so the liquid viscous transmission speed regulation device has very high economic and social benefits. The liquid viscous drive speed regulating device is used to connect the motor with the main driving drum of the belt conveyor, and is used as the clutch and governor between the motor and the driving drum. In practice, it can extend the life of the belt conveyor and the transmission system, reduce the impact on the power grid, and improve the service life of the motor.