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Belt conveyor common types of roller

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Update time : 2022-12-15 14:25:32
One, belt conveyor roller type
1. Cushion roller
The cushion roller has 35 degrees and 45 degrees. When the canvas conveyor belt is selected, the cushion roller with 35 degrees groove can only be selected. When using a 45 degree groove buffer roller, the 45 degree groove roller can be used in the section of the guide groove that is not affected by the material
2. Groove type upper roller
The standard groove Angle of the groove roller is 35 degrees, so the 35 degree groove roller and 35 degree groove forward roller are the most used in each conveyor.
3. Return roller
The return roller is also called parallel lower roller, which is also the most used lower roller.
4. Transition roller
The transition section should be set up for the conveyors with large volume, long distance, large belt tension and important conveyors.
5. Aligning roller
Self-aligning idlers include ordinary self-aligning idlers, friction self-aligning idlers and conical self-aligning idlers. The self-aligning roller is used to automatically correct the excessive deviation of the conveyor belt in the running process, so as to ensure the normal work of the conveyor.
Two, belt conveyor maintenance
Because the industrial belt conveyor idlers account for the largest number of belt conveyor parts, so for the belt conveyor idlers, maintenance is particularly important. Industrial conveyor belt idlers should be kept in a dry environment during use. Damaged idlers should be replaced in time and materials attached to the idlers should be cleaned in time. Keep the roll surface clean.
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