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Belt conveyor common protection device

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Update time : 2022-12-23 09:37:49
(1) Speed protection of mine belt conveyor.
If the conveyor fails, such as motor burned down, mechanical transmission part damaged, belt or chain pulled off, belt slip, etc., The magnetic switch in the accident sensor SG installed on the passive part of the conveyor cannot be closed or cannot  be closed at normal speed,  then the control system will follow the inverse time-limit characteristic after a certain delay,  and the speed protection circuit will take effect, so that the execution of part of the action, cut off the motor power supply, to avoid the expansion of the accident
(2) mine belt conveyor temperature protection.
When the temperature of the belt conveyor exceeds the standard due to the friction between the roller and the belt,  the detection device (transmitter) installed near the roller will send out an over-temperature signal. After receiving  the signal, the receiver delays for 3s to perform some actions, cuts off the power supply of the motor,  and the conveyor automatically stops the temperature protection.
(3) Coal level protection under the head of mine belt conveyor. If the coal is piled under the head of a conveyor because of an accident that can not run or coal gangue is blocked or the coal bunker is full, the coal level sensor DL at the corresponding position contacts the coal, and the coal level protection circuit acts immediately to stop the next conveyor immediately. . At this time, the working face continues to produce coal, and the tail of the conveyor stacks the coal one by one,  and stops accordingly until the transfer machine stops automatically.
(4) Protection of the coal level of the mine belt conveyor coal bunker. There are two high and low coal position electrodes in the coal bunker. When the coal bunker cannot discharge coal because there is no empty car, the coal position will gradually rise. When the coal level rises to the high electrode, the coal position protection action will be taken
(5) Emergency stop and lock of mine belt conveyor.
There is an emergency stop lock switch in the lower right corner of the front side of the control box. By rotating the switch around, the emergency stop lock can be implemented in this station or the front conveyor
(6) mine belt conveyor deviation protection.
If the belt conveyor deviates from the track during operation,  the edge of the belt that deviates from the normal running track will turn down the deviation sensing rod installed next  to the conveyor belt and immediately sound the alarm signal. The maintenance time of the alarm signal can be adjusted in advance in the range of 3-30s. If timely measures can be taken to remove deviation during the alarm period, the conveyor can continue to operate normally.
(7) Stopover protection at any point of mine belt conveyor midway.
If it is necessary to stop at any point along the conveyor, it is necessary to switch the corresponding position to the middle stop position, and the belt conveyor will stop immediately. When it is necessary to open again, reset the switch first, and then press the signal switch to signal.
(8) Smoke protection for mine belt conveyor.
When smoke occurs in the roadway due to belt friction and other reasons,  the smoke sensor suspended in the roadway works and sends out an alarm sound. And after 3s delay, the protection circuit function, cut off the motor power supply, play a smoke protection role.
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