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Belt conveyor buffering machine

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Update time : 2022-12-02 09:25:00
The buffering machine is the key equipment commonly used in the conveying system. It is used under the guide groove of the belt conveyor and under the blanking point of the belt to cushion the impact of the falling material on the conveyor belt. The traditional cushioning roller has poor cushioning capacity and can not absorb the strong impact force of material falling, which is easy to damage the supporting roller. In addition, the supporting roller is in linear contact with the conveyor belt, and the two rollers are suspended between them, which is easy to be penetrated by materials or other sharp hard objects, resulting in longitudinal tearing of the belt between the supporting roller and the blanking port; The surface of the supporting roller is inelastic, and the surface is easy to adhere to materials and wear the belt during long-term operation, which will cause the belt to deviate seriously. The belt between the two rollers is easy to sag, so that the belt in the region of the blanking port is wavy, so that the sealing of the blanking port is not good, resulting in material scattering and environmental pollution.
It can not avoid the problem that the buffering roller is replaced by the buffering press, but also can bring about the improvement of production capacity and the reduction of maintenance cost. The clever design of the buffer has changed the disadvantages of the traditional design, so that the buffer strip in the blanking area and the conveyor belt surface contact with the surface of the force uniform, and provide support for it, effectively prevent the conveyor belt in the material conveying uneven force, greatly reduce the impact damage caused by the conveyor belt maintenance and repair.
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