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Belt conveyor belt use precautions

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Update time : 2022-12-26 10:48:02
Do not use different types, models and standards of conveyors linked together.
The conveyor belt should be carefully checked as requested before launching.
The running tension should not exceed the designed tension of the conveyor belt and prevent overloading.
As far as possible to prevent rain and snow after the formation of the sun transport belt aging.
Adjust the cleaning equipment and scraper to prevent wear and tear of the conveyor belt, and prevent oil or grease and other sundries from sticking to the conveyor belt and idlers or rollers.
Prevent the use of gas cutting machine or welding machine around the conveyor belt to prevent damage to the conveyor belt.
The conveyor belt should be repaired in time when it is damaged.
The feeding direction must pass the direction of the conveyor belt, the feeding should be uniform, to prevent part of the load is too large.
Try to reduce the material drop.
The direction of the joint should be the same as the running direction when the rubber joint is installed to avoid damage to the joint by materials and scraper.