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Belt conveyor anti-deviation protection device

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Update time : 2022-12-22 10:01:50
In the running process of the belt conveyor, the phenomenon that the longitudinal line of the conveyor belt deviates from the theoretical center line of the conveyor belt is called conveyor belt deviation. Its performance is that the distance between the conveyor belt edge and the idler or drum edge is larger or smaller than the theoretical value. The deviation of conveyor belt will cause friction between conveyor belt and frame and idler support, resulting in the wear of edge glue. Serious deviation will make the conveyor belt flanged. If there are raised screw heads, cleaner blocks and other objects on the edge of the drum surface, or the clearance of the frame is too small, it may cause longitudinal tearing of the conveyor belt, local peeling of the covering rubber layer, scratches and other accidents. Running off will lead to conveyor accident stop times increase, affect the production; Deviation may also cause the material spread, so that the operation economy of the conveyor system is reduced.
There are many reasons for conveyor belt deviation, among which the main ones are: rack and drum installation error, conveyor belt manufacturing quality error resulting in uneven force in the direction of bandwidth, bad quality of vulcanized joints, local damage of conveyor belt, incorrect feeding position, poor performance of cleaner and other equipment quality, operation, external climate conditions and other factors.
In addition to improving the manufacturing and installation quality of equipment, the following measures can usually be adopted to prevent the deviation of conveyor belt. 1) For unidirectional conveyer operation, the method of setting forward inclination of side idlers is adopted, and the forward inclination of side idlers is set below 2 degrees for trough idlers. Although the forward tilt of idlers can prevent the deviation of conveyor belt, it increases the running resistance of conveyor and correspondingly increases the wear of conveyor belt during operation. 2) Set the aligning idler set. Although anti-deviation allocating roller set every certain length of conveyor can play the role of anti-deviation, but increase the amount of maintenance, equipment investment, generally can be arranged every 30 50M a group. 3) For the short-distance conveyor, several sets of no-load flat rollers with rubber rings are set at its head and tail to increase the anti-running ability of the conveyor. 4) Set up a baffle roll on both sides of the frame where the conveyor belt is easy to run off, to carry out mandatory deviation correction. This method is particularly unfavorable to the service life of the conveyor belt, and should be avoided as far as possible.