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Background technology of belt breaking warning device for bucket elevator

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Update time : 2022-08-10 11:46:13
N-tgd type wire rope core conveyor belt bucket elevator is an important equipment for the vertical transportation of bulk material, it has the characteristics of large throughput, high elevation, stable operation, long service life and so on. Widely used in cement plant, chemical, coal, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum and port transportation and other industries of the material transportation system. N-tgd type bucket elevator after a long time of operation, in the tape joint clip is easy to produce tape steel wire core fracture phenomenon. If not timely detection and processing, over time the fracture of the steel wire core more and more, when the strength of the remaining wire rope is not enough to bear the load of the hoist, will lead to the hoist belt suddenly broken and the hoist falling accident. In the past, manual visual inspection was used to judge the wear condition of steel wire rope inside rubber skin. However, the error of manual visual inspection was very large, and the damage of steel wire rope could not be found in time, which led to the falling accident, or the tape was replaced because of visual misjudgment of the damage location, resulting in unnecessary waste.