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Are conveyor belts and transmission belts the same thing

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Update time : 2022-09-06 19:54:41
Conveyor belt in different places is not the same name, some people will call it rubber belt, some people will call it belt, in fact, these all refer to the conveyor belt. So the conveyor belt is the transmission belt? No, the transmission belt is actually another product. Many people think that the conveyor belt is the transmission belt. Today I'm going to show you the difference between them.
Conveyor belt is used to carry and transport materials, is a rubber and fiber, metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composite products. Conveyor belt is often used in chemical industry, metallurgy, iron and steel industry such as short distance transportation or a small amount of transportation, conveyor belt in industry, agriculture and transportation is often used to transport all kinds of solid or powder material and some pieces of items, conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency, large dip Angle of transportation, and conveyor belt is safe to operate, simple to use, Maintenance is relatively easy, and the freight is low, but also can shorten the transportation distance to a certain extent, can reduce the cost, save manpower and material resources.
The conveyor belt is powered by the rotation of the motor or engine of the prime mover. The conveyor belt items are transmitted to the mechanical equipment through the conveyor belt, also known as the power belt. It is the core connecting part of mechanical equipment. There are many kinds of it and it has a wide range of uses. Whether it is a huge motor, home appliances, computers and other sophisticated instruments are inseparable from the conveyor belt. The biggest characteristic of the transmission belt is that the speed is relatively free, simple structure, convenient replacement, near and far transmission is suitable. Whether it is the former mechanical or automatic equipment, are inseparable from the belt, and after continuous innovation, the technology has become mature.
After the different introduction of conveyor belt and transmission belt, we should know more about what kind of products we need to buy.
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