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Application characteristics and shortcomings of large dip Angle conveyor

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Update time : 2023-02-01 09:22:41
Wavy retaining edge conveyor is mainly composed of wavy retaining edge conveyor belt, driving device, transmission drum, reversing drum, press belt wheel (roll), roller, anti-deviation roller, cleaning device, tensioning device, all kinds of frame, guide trough, discharge chute, electrical and safety protection device and other components. Wavy guard conveyor adopts the conveyor belt with wavy guard and diaphragm, especially suitable for continuous conveying of loose materials, can be widely used in coal, chemical, electric power, building materials, metallurgy, food, port, ship and other industries. Its main characteristics are:
(1) can be transported, save the equipment covers an area, to achieve the ordinary, pattern conveyor can not reach the conveying Angle.
(2) The overall investment cost is low, compared with the ordinary belt conveyor can save 20% ~ 30% investment.
(3) Compared with the ordinary conveyor, bucket elevator, scraper conveyor, its comprehensive technical performance is better.
(4) Large lifting height, the vertical lifting height of a single machine can reach 500m
(5) Wave retaining conveyor has advanced technology, simple structure, stable operation, safe and reliable use, less equipment parts, small maintenance, low noise, flexible layout and many other advantages. It is suitable for working temperature of -15~40e working environment, conveying pile density of 0.15~319t/m3 of various loose materials, wavy guard conveyor using corrugated conveyor belt instead of ordinary conveyor belt, improve efficiency, is widely used.
(6) The wavy retaining conveyor can be arbitrarily arranged in the range of dip Angle 0b~90b. When conveying materials vertically, it can also rotate 180b to achieve the receiving and discharging within the 360b range.
(7) wavy retaining conveyor because of the dip Angle conveying materials, in the same conveying height, so that the length of the machine is shortened, with the arrangement of the corridor length is also reduced, reduce the equipment investment and engineering cost, reduce the floor area.
(8) wavy retaining conveyor dip Angle is large, the length of the machine is short. Compared with ordinary conveyor, it can greatly reduce the number of idlers, conveyor belt length and material weight, that is, greatly reduce the resistance of idlers and the power consumed by conveyor belt and materials. Therefore, the machine can reduce energy consumption.
(9) wavy retaining conveyor in vertical layout, generally for fully closed Settings, sealed, less dust, environmental protection effect is significant.
(10) The transverse rigidity of the conveyor belt of the wavy retaining conveyor is strong, and both sides of the base belt have vertical rollers to prevent deviation. The conveyed materials are basically in the center of the conveyor belt. Therefore, the conveyor belt does not run off during operation.
(1) The disadvantage of the wavy guard conveyor is that the wavy guard rubber belt is shorter than the ordinary flat rubber belt. The corrugated rubber belt is generally bonded into a whole circle in the belt factory, which is inconvenient to lift on site. The lifting equipment and installation space should be fully considered in the design.
(2) The conveyor of this machine is equipped with wavy guard and diaphragm, forming a series of cask-type containers, in which the material is difficult to overflow and will not be scattered in the process of straight conveying, but it is easy to sprinkle a small amount of material at the upward turning of the horizontal section at the tail; There is a gap between the guide groove and the belt's wavy guard, easy to sprinkle a small amount of material; There will be a small amount of blanking under the head cleaner. In order to reduce the labor intensity of workers, cleaning and returning devices should be fully considered in the design.