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Analysis of technical characteristics of carbon steel chain plate Kone

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Update time : 2022-08-08 11:04:46
Carbon steel chain plate characteristics analysis Kone
Carbon steel chaln is generally used for food, cosmetics and washing supplies, paper products,flavoring, dairy and tobacco, etc., automatic conveyor, distribution, and the wire conveyor after packaging. Carbon steel chain plate is used in so many applications, because of its characteristics? Let's take a look at it together.
1. The transport surface of carbon steel chain plate is flat and smooth, and the friction is small. It can transport materials such as glass bottles and cans, and the chain plate can also transport suitcases and bags.
2. Carbon steel chain plate has a wide variety of specifications, so it can meet the different needs of all walks of life.
3. Carbon steel chain plate has simple structure and is convenient to maintain.
4, the chain plate layout is flexible, the chain plate can be completed in a conveyor line horizontal, inclined and turning transport.
5, carbon steel chain plate can generally be directly washed with water or directly immersed in water. With the characteristics of convenient cleaning, daily attention to cleaning and maintenance can easily meet the health requirements of the food and beverage industry.
How to reduce the thermal expansion and cold contraction of stainless steel chain plate
In industrial production, some products are easy to be affected by some environment, and most of them are thermal expansion and cold contraction. The stainless steel chain plate is easily affected by thermal expansion and contraction when used, and the influence of these environmental factors is often unable to be reduced. Now we will explain some phenomena of stainless steel chain plate after thermal expansion and cold contraction, to help you understand some appropriate operation methods when using stainless steel chain plate.
Ordinary chain plate has thermal brittleness at high temperature, so does stainless steel chain plate. The heat produced by friction in the work of stainless steel chain plate. Due to different manufacturing processes, the Thermal expansion coefficients of stainless steel chain plates are different, Thermal Fatigue can occur when dissimilar materials are welded together. When the ambient temperature is greater than 400℃, the expansion between the chain plate conveyor machine caused by intermittent reduction should also be considered thoughtfully. Of course, there is also a point when the stainless steel chain plate is exposed in containing inert materials will cause bad results, stainless steel chain plate parts will become more and more fine, resulting in accelerated wear, general stainless steel chain plate accessories rust will also affect the rotation of the roller.