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Advantages and disadvantages of large dip Angle conveyor driving system

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Update time : 2023-01-18 17:53:44
The electric drive technology of large dip Angle belt conveyor has experienced the development process from AC to DC and then to AC. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of DC drag and AC drag, and by the transmission capacity and investment capital and other aspects of the influence of various factors, so in the modern mine conveying equipment, the use of DC drag and AC drag of the large Angle belt machine are used.
For the large dip Angle belt conveyor, in the transport of minerals or materials, equipment, personnel, because the steel wire rope in the drum non-stop winding and loose rope, and the change of the large dip Angle belt conveyor load, the change of moment of inertia is more obvious.
The disadvantages of large dip Angle belt conveyor are:
1, must have a special frequency conversion power supply;
2, in the constant torque speed regulation, the overload multiple of the low-speed motor is reduced;
3. High harmonics have an impact on the power grid, which needs to be mitigated by compensating measures such as filters. Screening equipment
This kind of drag system of large dip Angle belt conveyor has the following advantages:
1, the conveying capacity is almost unrestricted, the maximum can reach l0000kw, the conveying speed can reach more than 20m/s, the conveying height is more than 1200m, the drum diameter up to 6.5m, which is difficult to reach the DC system;
2, no commutator and carbon brush this weak link, to ensure the reliable operation of the motor and reduce the operation consumption;
3, high power factor, up to 0.9 1, greatly saving energy;
4, the dynamic quality is good (and DC system is the same), the system can be in the four quadrants smooth transition and stepless speed regulation;
5. Due to good mechanical characteristics, the starting torque is large.
6, synchronous machine price and non-ferrous metal consumption is lower than DC machine;
7, wide speed range. Therefore, most experts believe that the variable frequency synchronous machine drive speed regulation system is the inevitable development direction of large dip Angle belt conveyor.